Terms and Conditions of sales



The present terms & conditions regulate the contractual relations between the customer and the seller, TASK SRL, with legal headquarters in via Panà 56/a, Noventa Padovana (Padua), business register of Padua, tax code and VAT number IT 00213040280, listed under Economic Administrative Register (REA) No. 0239993 of Padua. Any order received from the website is subject to these terms and conditions of sale. No other terms will be applied unless agreed in writing between the parties or expressly stated otherwise in these terms and conditions of sale. The present terms & conditions are ammended on May, 6th, 2015. These terms are subject to change without notice so should be checked regularly. Continued use of this website will be deemed acceptance of the updated or amended terms. All descriptions of products and services contained on the present website or otherwise communicated to the Customer are approximate only and shall not form any part of the contract between Task Srl and the Customer. The hereby conditions are applied to the website sales only, unless stated otherwise in the present or annexes documents.

Reproduction of part or all of the contents of this website in any form is prohibited other than for personal use or internal business use only and may not be recopied and shared with a third party. All copyright notices in the original material must be retained. This website may not be modified, disassembled, decompiled or reverse engineered in any way for any commercial purpose.

The permission to recopy for personal and internal business use does not allow for incorporation of material or any part of it in any other web-site, electronic retrieval system, publication or any other work (whether hard copy, electronic or otherwise). RS Components Limited is not responsible for any file downloads.



The prices on the present website (www.tasksrl.it) are VAT excluded. The taxes will be added at the rate applicable at the invoice date. Prices may change. Please check regularly the present website for price updates. Shall the price reported on the website when placing the purchase order be different from the one reported on the order confirmation, Task Srl will promptly inform the customer of the change.

Products which are not normally stocked on our warehouse and/or do not have a reported price on the website, will be sold at the prices agreed and set out in writing by Task Srl before the shipping date. For proforma invoices please send you request at commerciale@tasksrl.it.



Purchase orders shall be sent to Task Srl using the web portal prior registration on the website.

For more information regarding contracts, website registration, how to place an order, etc, please visit the page FAQ of our website www.tasksrl.it. The products on the website shall be considered an invitation to tender only; the orders placed on the website will be considered a proposal and will have to be confirmed by Task Srl. Long term orders shall have a maximum duration of 1 year.



Shipping and operating costs shall be paid by the customer, unless agreed otherwise between the Customer and Task Srl, and will be confirmed after the purchase. The customer may decide to pick up the goods from our warehouse (also by courier) or to use our service (prepaid and addded to the invoice).

Here are the shipping costs (freight forwarded):

- Italy: 15€;

- Rest of the world (Europe included): to be agreed.

Shipments within a day’s time or planned, if applicable, shall always be agreed with Task Srl, regardless of the shipping terms used. Delivery terms shall be considered not essential for the provision of the service, and barrying unforeseen events. Task Srl reserves the right to change the shipping costs (these new terms will not be applied on orders already in progress). If Task Srl expects not to be able to meet the delivery times indicated, without implying any liability towards the customer, Task Srl will promptly communicate the customer the new delivery date. The customer shall confirm the new delivery terms within 3 working days from the receiving of the communication. Unless otherwise agreed, the goods will be delivered at the address the customer specified in the order.



The customer shall examine accurately the goods received when delivered and notify in writing to TASK SRL within 8 (eight) days from the delivery any defect found or any other complaint relating to the products. If the customer fails to make such notification the goods are deemed accepted and complying with the order confirmation, without prejudice to Article 1495 of the Civil Code of the Italian Law, that is the possibility, accomplishable no later than 1 (one) year from the delivery, to notify non-apparent defects, and provided that the complaint shall be communicated within 8 (eight) days from its discovery. The customer shall refuse the delivery of packs with damaged packaging and inform Task Srl immediately of the event; otherwise, the goods delivered shall be deemed accepted in full in the state the customer received them.

Regarding products examination, the customer acknowledges that TASK SRL is not the author of the software that may be contained in the goods, nor has examined them. The customers, under their own responsibility, shall therefore carefully verify the software contained in the products are suitable for the usage and are not affected by computer viruses or other defects that may damage the goods or possible products that may be used with the goods, before using them.



The ownership of the goods passes to the customer when the goods are delivered to the carrier for delivery at the customer's premises or at the address specified by the customer when placing the order. The items travel at customer’s risk; remains agreed that each shipment is performed in the name of and on behalf of the customer and, therefore, TASK SRL shall not be held responsible for the goods after the delivery of the items to the carrier or the customer if the latter (or an appointee) decides to pick up the goods. In case of non-payment, TASK SRL shall be entitled to exercise, in its sole discretion, the clause "Payments and Express Termination Clause" of this document or any other remedy pursuant to Article 1519 of the Civil Code of the Italian Law, including enforcement and regaining the ownership of the goods. If necessary to allow TASK SRL to exercise its rights, the customer shall allow TASK SRL, its personnel and representative, to enter their premises for the sole purpose of collecting the non-paid products. TASK SRL shall always have the right to seek full compensation for any damage suffered as a result of the non-payment of the customer.



TASK SRL will replace or repair the products or items supplied, or refund their price if, despite a diligent and proper usage, the customer finds any defects, which must be notified to TASK SRL no later than 12 ( twelve) months from the date of delivery, or the time specified by TASK SRL for specific items, or established by law. Products, components or parts of them that show the defect shall be returned to TASK SRL within the period of time stated in the paragraph above, properly packaged and in accordance with possible special instructions provided by TASK SRL when first supplied the items or at a later stage. Shipping costs are at the customer’s charge. Products, components or parts of items returned shall be sent to Task Srl together with description of the defect, as well as any other information required by TASK SRL or indicated when first supplied the items or at a later stage. All products or components or parts of them replaced by TASK SRL shall be considered its exclusive property.

This warranty statement replaces any warranty or other regulations established by law regarding products quality or suitability for specific uses, except those regulations which by law can not be replaced.



Unless otherwise indicated, the terms of use of the item purchased, with particular reference to securing the product, are expressed in the product "technical specifications" and attached datasheets. Items dimensions and other physical characteristics are subject to normal commercial tolerances. It is up to the customer to verify in advance the suitability of the product for the requested usage. In any case, TASK SRL reserves the right to interrupt the provision of any product or change the specifications of products or items, at any time, without notice and without giving any explanation. TASK SRL recommends the customers to check size and other technical data published on the website www.tasksrl.it , as well as item availability, before using them for uses of particular importance.

The information available in the website are, to the knowledge of TASK SRL, correct at time of its publication. If the customers intend to sell to a third party the products purchased, they shall ensure that such items are complete with all the necessary accessories such as warnings, labels, instructions, manuals and other useful information, provided with the items.



These terms and conditions outline the whole area of knowledge/responsibility of TASK SRL regarding the items, excluding any other warranty, condition and term, expressed or implied, established by Law, including with regard to quality or suitability of the items for specific uses, without prejudice to the guarantees which by Law can not be replaced, with particular reference to what stated in Article 1229 of the Civil Code and regarding liability in case of defective products and consumer protection. Further, it is understood that in no case TASK SRL shall be considered liable for losses of profit or for any consequential loss suffered by the customer as a consequence of a fact, act or omission that can be ascribed toTASK SRL under these terms and conditions or otherwise related to the sale process regulated by this document. The solutions described in the present website and the combination of items proposed for their realization, do not represent the only possible technical solution. TASK SRL shall not be deemed responsible for the proper functioning of these applications, nor for their correspondence to the specific purpose they may be intended to.



Products and items sold by TASK SRL have not been tested for medical applications or for joint use with principals medical-surgical devices of any kind and nature. Similarly, the products have not been tested for application in nuclear activities or aeronautical field. The products shall not, therefore, be used in these areas. If the customer does not comply with these limitations of use, TASK SRL shall not be liable for any malfunction and/or damage to property or persons the misuse may cause.



Payments can be made as follows:

1. by bank transfer;


CIN Y - ABI 03111 - CAB 12100 - C/C 000000023283


IBAN IT 88 Y 03111 12100 000000023283

2. with PayPal;

3. by cash, to the extent permitted by law;

4. for consolidated customers of Task Srl payments are usually the ones already in use, prior registration on the website.

TASK SRL, however, reserves the right to require payment in cash, to the extent permitted by applicable law, or to propose additional and different payment methods. Any term of payment other than those mentioned above shall be agreed in writing with TASK SRL, before placing the order. All payments shall be made by the customer in favour of TASK SRL without any compensation, deduction or counterclaim. If the customer does not comply with the payment, the sales contract shall be deemed definitely terminated in accordance with and for the purposes of Article 1456 of the Civil Code of Italian Law.



Payments shall be made in Euro; other currencies shall be agreed in writing between the parties, to the extent permitted by Italian Law.



Unless otherwise notified in writing to the customer, the information in the present website do not constitute, nor should they be construed as a statement of Country of Origin, preferential origin, manufacturing or assembling of the product or of any part thereof.



It will not be allowed any return of items without prior written authorisation of TASK SRL, except for what provided in the paragraph "Warranty" of this contact. After obtaining the authorisation of TASK SRL, to qualify for the refund, the customer shall return the items, according to the following conditions:

1. items shall not be used and must be returned in the same condition in which the customer received them;

2. the return shall take place within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of the invoice;

3. if the sales conditions do not contain specific instructions (nor these were provided by TASK SRL at a later time), all parts or components which might have been added to the product by the customer shall be removed before returning the item to TASK SRL; otherwise, TASK SRL shall be deemed authorised to remove all additional parts;

4. returns are not allowed for software or products that, although provided by Task Srl, are not normally sold by the Seller and have been ordered upon customer specific request;

5. although the packaging of the item is intact, Task Srl will consider a depreciation of the product, depending on the item, that will be immediately communicated to the customer;

6. items shall be returned to TASK SRL at the expenses and risk of the customer. The products shall be properly packaged and shipped to:


Via Panà 56/a

35027 Noventa Padovana PD



Orders already placed that can not be totally fullfilled on the basis of stock items (because the products are obsolete or no longer sold by the manufacturer) will be partially canceled and the sums refunded to the customer. TASK SRL reserves the right to decline to trade with certain companies or to cancel or decline to accept any orders, regardless of whether the payment was received or not, promptly informing the customer by fax, telephone or e-mail. If the order cancelled or not accepted has already been paid, TASK SRL will refund the full price of the good, according to the procedures that the customer will communicate to Task Srl. It remains, however, understood that the refund of the price is the only cost TASK SRL is responsible for as a consequence of the event. Task Srl shall not be deemed liable for the non-fullfillment of the order. The customer may cancel or revoke purchase orders only to the extent permitted by Law, it being, however, understood that, except for mandatory laws, shall not be revoked or cancelled purchase orders for products that, although provided by the seller, are not normally sold by TASK SRL and have therefore been ordered upon customer’s specific request.



In the event that the processing of orders by TASK SRL is hindered or prevented by force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances, or the impossibility to obtain services, materials or items needed for the fulfillment of the customer’s request, without prices increase, TASK SRL may delay the order fulfillment and, if so, shall communicate the delay to the customer who, within three (3) days from the receipt of the communication, has the right to cancel the order in whole or in part. In none of these cases, TASK SRL shall be considered liable for delay, cancellation or inability to dispatch the goods.



TASK SRL informs customers that the products on the website (www.tasksrl.it) may be subject to patent, trademark, copyright or other intellectual or industrial property rights owned by TASK SRL or third parties. Any reproduction of all or part of it is forbidden.



Task Srl performs the treatment of personal data of its customers in accordance with the law and the purposes specified in the Privacy Policy published in the footer of this website under "Privacy".

For any further information send an e-mail with your request at commerciale@tasksrl.it.



The Court of Padua shall be responsible exclusively for any dispute arising from these general sales conditions and the related contracts for the supply of products. These general sales conditions are governed under Italian Law.

For more information about sales terms and conditions, please contact Task Srl, Via Panà 56/a - 35027 Noventa Padovana (PD) Tel. 0498703724 - Fax 049/8703728 - email commerciale@tasksrl.it.